An Advanced Microprocessor Based Heat Metering Device


SOLBEAT is an advanced microprocessor based metering device for recording the amount of thermal energy fed to the consumer via heating or cooling systems such as solar thermal systems, heat exchangers, boilers, chilled water and general HVAC systems.
Thermal energy measurement is based on the flow volume rates of the heat transfer fluid along with temperature differences between inlet and outlet of the heating system.
A large graphical display screen shows the instantaneous thermal energy in KW, flow and temperature values and the system status.
SOLBEAT also logs energy, total flow and temperature data which provide the operations manager with a complete performance analysis of the system. In solar heating systems, SOLBEAT displays and logs the amount of CO2 emissions saved which can be used towards Carbon Credits.
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SOLBEAT Advantages

  • Retention of Knowledge - Business and Processes Quick Start-up Capability for new requirements/projects Integration with Customer's Practices & Culture Industrial Interior Decoration Long Term Support for Legacy Applications.
Flexible Inputs
Low Cost
MODBUS Connectivity


  • Measures both cumulative heating and cooling heat quantities.
  • Grundfos Direct Sensor TM inputs ( VFS & RPS ) for Flow & Temperature measurement.
  • Option to connect a Pulse Input type Flow sensor.
  • Optional 2 or 3 wire RTD sensor inputs for better temperature measurement accuracy.
  • Flow ,Temperature High and Low fault indications through a relay output.
  • Input for detecting an external heating source.
  • Data Logging in Excel Format on a Mini SD card.
  • Inbuilt RTC with Battery Backup.